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    Twin Peaks Film: Deleted Scenes

    könnte einige David Lynch- und Twin Peaks-Fans interessieren:

    May 19th, 2002 - Negotiations to Take Place Between David Lynch and MK2 France for the Possible Release of 55 Minutes of Deleted Scenes to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on DVD

    For almost the last 10 years, Fans have been petitioning for the release of Deleted Scenes to the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. In spite of receiving thousands of letters world wide, in 2002 New Line Home Video disappointed Fans all over the world when they decided NOT to fund the release of the Deleted Scenes to be included with their DVD release.

    The following statement was made by French film company MK2, the rights holders of the film property to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me:

    May 19th, 2002 -
    "Next week in Cannes we plan to meet with David Lynch to discuss the possibilities of including Deleted Scenes on our upcoming release of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on DVD. Thanks to the many emails we have received in the past few months, we have realized the worldwide demand for these scenes. We can make no promises, and will have to see how talks with Lynch go and take it from there. We will be pushing back our release from the original September release date to allow more time for negotiations. Please keep those emails coming in, as we will be forwarding them to our Production department."

    Since negotiations will be happening next week, it is extremely important to show your support and spread the word. If the MK2 funds the Deleted Scenes to be cut and edited by Lynch, then there is a good chance that that one of these things will happen:

    1. MK2 will release a 2 Disc Set of FWWM on DVD with the second disc being a Region 0 Double-sided PAL/NTSC disc.
    2. Lynch will get exclusive rights to distribute the Deleted Scenes in North America and on his web site.
    3. With the Deleted Scenes being readily available, New Line can license them and re-release FWWM as a "Platinum Edition" DVD.

    The key is however, that these scenes need to exist. Unless a deal is made soon between Lynch and MK2, these scenes will never see the light of day.

    Lynchs concerns are that if he does it, that the scenes are done right. He will not allow them to be released unless they can go through a full color correction, edit, and 5.1 sound mix. Plain and simple. To do this, it will cost a decent amount of money, as we are looking at over 55 minutes of footage, which is almost half of what it costs to mix a complete film. This is why New Line opted not to fund these scenes.

    What we still need to do is keep showing our support by sending emails to MK2. MK2 needs to know that there is a large demand that will justify the large amount of money it will cost to release these scenes. MK2 has an edge on this project, as they are the owners of these scenes in the first place.

    Now is the time to help spread the word. There are two emails you can send to make sure we are heard: You can send an email to:

    and to:

    Keep in mind that if you already sent an email to New Line, that MK2 is a completely different company, and have NOT forwarded the requests to MK2. If you've already sent them an email, and haven't heard back from MK2 after your first email, go ahead and write them another email. Be sure to send your email to both addresses, and as always, be polite.

    Those of you living in North America, make sure to ask them to make the supplemental disc a dual sided PAL/NTSC Region 0 disc.

    Help spread the word. Hit all the message boards and newsgroups. Forward this to all your friends. It is very important that we show MK2 and Lynch our support for this project. Raise all hell, and lets see this finally happen.

    Also check out these fine websites for the latest and greatest information:

    or chat with others on these fine message boards to rally for the cause:

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    Ich kann nicht warten bis diese geile Serie auf DVD erscheint!
    Nachdem was ich hier und da aufgeschnappt habe muß die deutsche DVD Veröffentlichung der Hammer werden...!

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    Kann ich auch kaum erwarten. Aber hier ist wohl eher der (lange nicht so gute) Twin Peaks Kinofilm gemeint. Wobei er eventuell durch die deleted Scenes besser werden könnte - Cooper fehlt aber immer noch...und Twin Peaks ohne Cooper...

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