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    Phantom of the Opera (Original)

    Am 1. November erscheint das Original über Image Entertainment.

    Phantom of the Opera trailer

    An Interview with Gabriel Thibaudeau
    Photo Gallery
    Phantom Script
    Phantom souvenir program reproduction

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    AW: Phantom of the Opera (Original)

    Bei habe ich folgende Information gefunden, geschrieben am 23. Juni :

    I think there's a misunderstanding. There are *two* different releases of Phantom of the Opera planned for release on Blu-Ray, one by Image Entertainment and one by Milestone Films.

    Dave Shepard wrote on the Nitrateville forum:

    "This will be Blu-Ray, mastered at Movietone aperture from much better 35mm material than we have ever used before. There will be two complete runs of the 1929 version: one at 24 fps with a new score by the Alloy Orchestra and an optional score on theatre pipe organ by Gaylord Carter, previously issued in monaural but now in stereo from the original master stereo recording; the second run at 20 fps with orchestra/soprano score by Gabriel Thibadeau and an optional new audio essay by Jon Mirsalis. Both runs will include the Technicolor sequence mastered from our 35mm YCM labs negative and hand colored scenes on the opera roof and in the scene of "intolerable heat." The program will also include a standard definition transfer of the original 1925 edit from a tinted 16mm print in the usual deplorable quality but with a superb new score by Frederick Hodges. Extras will include (as still images) set construction and production stills, publicity stills, original advertising art, frames from a stencil-colored French release, and the complete script. "

    And then there's another ultimate edition planned by Milestone for 2012 which will contain additional footage and Technicolor sections. This was confirmed by the owner of Milestone Films on Nitrateville:

    "Milestone's DVD is out-of-print right now but a BD edition is in the works for next year. There's a few more surprises, hopefully, and reason to have several copies. Congrats to David S. and I'm looking forward to seeing his edition!"

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